1) Settings > Groups

  • Click SETTINGS on the top navigation to reveal the drop-down menu, then click Posts. 

2) Post Sorting

  • Includes:
    • Default Post Sorting
    • Default Topic Sorting

3) Post Restrictions

  • Includes:
    • Seconds between Posts
    • Seconds between Posts for New Users
    • Reputation threshold before this restriction is lifted (In other words, when a user is no longer considered “new” for the purpose of posting)
    • Seconds be new users can post
    • Number of seconds users are allowed to edit posts after posting
    • Minimum Title Length
    • Maximum Title Length
    • Minimum Post Length
    • Maximum Post Length
    • Days until Topic is consider stale

4) Teaser Settings

  • Teaser Post
    • The teaser is shown at the right hand side for forums using the Persona theme.

5) Unread Settings

  • Unread cutoff days
    • Posts older than this will not appear in user’s unread list.
  • Minimum posts in topic before tracking last read

6) Signature Settings

  • Disable signatures (toggle)
  • Disable links in signatures (toggle)
  • Disable images in signatures (toggle)
  • Maximum Signature Length

7) Composer Settings

  • Show “Help” tab (toggle)
  • Allow plugins to add content to the help tab (toggle)
  • Custom Help Text
    • This is the text for the Help button shown at the top right corner of the compose message area.

8) IP Tracking

  • Track IP Address for each post (toggle)

9) Save changes

  • The ‘disk’ button at the bottom of the page saves any changes. Changes that are not saved will be discarded after leaving this page.