1) Settings > Uploads

  • Click on SETTINGS on the top navigation menu and then click on UPLOADS

2) Post Settings

  • This section includes these toggles:
    • Regular file uploads
      • If enabled, allows users to upload regular files
    • Uploaded files privacy
      • If enabled, users will have the ability to make their uploaded files private. (Default: disabled)

3) Post Sizing

  • This section includes these options:
    • Resizing Images
      • Images can be resized to any specified width in pixels.
      • Setting the width to 0 will disable the automatic image resizing feature.
    • Setting a Maximum File Size
      • Specifing a maximum file size will prevent posts from being cluttered with large files.
    • Topic Thumbnails
      • Permission can be granted to allow users to upload thumbnail photos for their posts.
      • A maximum thumbnail size in pixels can be specified to ensure that uploads aren't too large.
    • Allowed File Extensions 
      • Specify certain file types to ensure that unwanted types cannot be uploaded by users. eg. (png, jpg, doc).
      • Seperate file types using commas.
      • Leave the list empty to grant permission to all file types without exceptions.

4) Profile Avatars

  • This section includes these toggles: 
    • Permission to upload profile images
      • Turning this toggle on will allow users to upload their own custom profile images.
    • PNG conversion
      • Turning this option on will automatically convert uploaded profile image files into PNG format.
  • Custom Default Avatars
    • A custom default avatar can be uploaded. This will become the default image instead of user icons.
  • Profile Image Dimension
    • A maximum width in pixels can be specified for profile images. The default is 128 pixels.
  • Maximum Profile Image File Size
    • Specify a maximum file size in kilobytes (KiB) to prevent larger files from being uploaded as profile images. The default is 256 KiB.
  • Maximum Cover Image File Size
    • Specify a maximum file size in kilobytes (KiB) to prevent larger files form being uploaded as cover images. The default is 2048 KiB.
  • Old Files
    • Turning this option on will allow old versions of avatars and profile covers to be saved to the server.

5) Profile Cover Images

  • Default Cover Images
    • This section will allow for one or more default cover images to be uploaded. They will become the default images used for accounts that haven't uploaded their own custom image.
    • Multiple images can be uploaded by seperating the files with a comma.

6) Save

Click the save icon to ensure that all of your changes remain once you leave this page.