To grant a current user moderator privileges for a single category, go to Manage > Categories in the forum admin control panel. Select Edit beside the category, and then the Privileges tab on the category management page. From there, you can grant moderator privileges to a single user or group of users.

To grant global moderation privileges to a user, they must be added to a special 'system group' called Global Moderators. On the Manage > Groups page, select Edit beside Global Moderators and scroll to the bottom of the page. Here, you are able to search for and add users to the group.

To grant full forum administrative privileges, go to Manage > Users and select the user in question. From the Edit menu, you can add this user as an admin, or remove their admin privileges. Note that full admin privileges should be granted with caution.

Moderator privileges

  • Within a category, a topic may be pinned by a moderator. Pinned topics will appear at the top of the category listing until they are unpinned by a moderator. Multiple topics can be pinned, with the most recently pinned topic appearing at the top of the list.
  • Topics may also be locked by a moderator. Once a topic is locked, only moderators are able to respond until the topic is unlocked.
  • Individual messages or entire topics can be deleted by a moderator. A deleted topic or message will still be visible to moderators until it is purged. Purged messages or topics cannot be restored, so this feature should be used with caution.
  • If inappropriate messages are posted on a forum, it is possible for any user to flag that message. Messages that have been flagged will appear on the Manage Flags page, which is accessible to global moderators and admins via the administrative dashboard. Flags can be reviewed on this page, and can be dismissed, or else the offending post can be deleted.

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