Enabling Facebook SSO requires that you have a Facebook account of your own. You will also need to restart your NodeBB instance a couple of times during the process. This will shut down your forum to users for a short period each time, so if you run a busy forum you may wish to do this during off-peak hours.

Install and activate plugin

  1. Open the administrative dashboard using the 'gear' icon on your forum.
  2. Open the Extend > Plugins menu.
  3. Select the Find Plugins tab.
  4. Use the plugin search on the right side to search for Facebook.
  5. From Installed tab on the Plugins menu, search again for Facebook and select Activate.
  6. Activating the plugin will require a restart of your forum. To restart, select the Dashboard menu and press the Restart button to the right. After NodeBB restarts, the Facebook SSO plugin will be active.
  7. Refresh your browser to reveal the Social Authentication menu -- select this menu, and then select Facebook.

Enable Facebook sign-on

  1. Go to the Facebook Developers page, which is linked from this menu.
  2. Create a Facebook app shell. Select Create a new app, and enter the required information. 
  3. Select Dashboard on the left of the page and locate your App ID and Secret code. 

Returning to NodeBB, copy and paste the Application ID and Secret code into the appropriate places on the Facebook menu page. You can also allow users who sign on with Facebook to skip the standard email verification step since Facebook usually does a good job of verifying these emails, but this is up to you. Be sure to save these settings. Once you are done, you will need to restart the forum one more time.

Once your forum restarts, new users will be able to join your forum using their Facebook ID. This option will be added to the user registration page automatically.

YouTube Facebook SSO for NodeBB