1) Category Settings

  • Clicking on ‘Edit’ on the Categories page will reveal the individual category settings page.

2) Category Name & Description

  • Can be edited by clicking on the text.

3) Background & Text Colors

  • Can be changed by clicking and either entering a hex color code or selecting from a color picker.

4) Background Image Size

  • (Not supported by all themes.) For sizing theme background image.

5) Custom Class

  • Allows custom CSS attributes to be entered.

6) # of Recent Replies

  • Controls the number of recent replies to be displayed.

7) External Link

  • Allows the category link to open an external website in a new browser window.

8) Upload Image

  • Allows a new category image to be uploaded from a local computer.

9) Category Image

  • Allows a URL reference to be used in place of the uploaded category image.

10) Parent Category

  • Allows a category to be placed under another as a sub-category.

11) Copy settings from

  • Allows copying settings and privileges from another category.

12) Purge Category

  • Allows all topics and posts in category to be deleted. 

13) Save changes

  • The ‘disk’ button at the bottom of the page saves any changes made to category settings. Changes that are not saved will be discarded after leaving this page.